Wascomat WUD730

30 lb. Front-Load Commercial Washer 350G

Wascomat is the most trusted name in laundromat washers and dryers, in business for 70 years! This 30 lb. capacity commercial washing machine features ultra high-speed 350G extraction so you can bring the wash & dry cycle time as low as 35 minutes! Increase profits, slash utility costs, and eliminate expensive installation. Our “soft-mount” design means no need for concrete foundations and multiple bolts. Wascomat WUD730 is plug-and-play!

Like all Wascomat washers and dryers, WUD730 is compatible with coin payment and most popular card/app payment systems.

196 Reviews

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The laundry environment is a very demanding one. But thankfully year after year my Wascomat equipment performs, giving my customers a superior wash experience — and saving me money on utility bills.
Steve Mendez | Señor Bubbles Laundromat

Explore the Wascomat WUD730 Washer

Click on the image below to see why the Wascomat WUD730 is the best 30 LB commercial washer that you can buy for your laundromat, fitness centre, hotel, or busy laundry room in your business.

Save up to
on water
Dry faster
less gas

Let's Compare

Wascomat vs. Competition


High Spin Extraction

Easy Installation

Wash & Dry in under 1 hour

HACCP Certified

Anti-Virus Wash

Up to 50% Water Savings

Up to 20% Gas Savings

  • Ultra High-Speed Extraction
    The perfect balance of speed, performance, and BIG savings. 350 G-Force spin removes more water for faster drying times and better wash performance. Only Wascomat extracts at maximum speed for the full programmed extraction time; not like other brands which claim high-speed extraction, but infrequently achieve it due to inferior technology.
  • Save Energy and Up To 50% on Water
    Automatic Savings (AS) determines the exact load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water for significant utility savings. Only Wascomat senses the actual load weight!
  • Less Vibration and Lower Maintenance Costs
    Wascomat’s Super Balance™ and Power Balance technology ensure optimized extraction with all size loads and lower utility costs.
  • Built tough for outstanding performance year after year
    Heavy-duty bearings, professional seals for greater moisture control, and a robust steel door and lock mechanism — just to name a few!
  • Designed for Easy Installation
    Unlike traditional commercial washers, Wascomat’s soft-mount technology allows WUD Series washers to be installed on most wood floors, upper floors, and over basements. Concrete not needed!
  • Greatest Flexibility and Customization with Compass Pro
    Create fully customized wash programs to meet your specific market demands, increase revenue with cycle upgrade options, multilingual display, real-time clock for happy hour pricing, and more.
  • Sanitizing Rinse Option Gives Customers Added Peace of Mind
    Gain customer trust and loyalty by offering the option to sanitize and disinfect the drum before each wash. This can be programmed for an additional upcharge to create even more revenue.
  • HACCP Certified with Anti-Virus Wash Options
    The only coin laundry brand in North America to be HACCP-certified; authorized for infection control and designed to kill up 99.9% of harmful pathogens.

Download the Wascomat WUD730 washer spec sheet.

Five Stars

My customers love the new machines. Big upgrade on my old washers. My utilities are way lower too! Five stars.

Michael R

Can’t recommend highly enough.

My customers love my high-spin Wascomat washers. I am considering replacing all of my old equipment. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Chris H.

A+ Financing

Laundrylux really helped me with financing my store. The process was really easy and I love my new washers and dryers.

Craig B.

350G extraction is GREAT

The Wascomat 350G washers are great. Really good machine for the price. Low running costs, easy install what more do you want?

Timothy L.

Very Satisfied

The high spin washers really cut the drying time for customers. I offer a free dry on weekdays when customers use these washers. Really helps during low hours.

Zhang Wei

Best choice I ever made.

I had so many headaches with my old equipment. When I retooled my store five years ago, I switched to Wascomat because of their reputation for reliability. Best choice I ever made. I recently bought two high-spin washers. They are definitely my most popular machines. People don’t mind paying extra for the time savings.

Robert O.

Easiest Retool

I own three stores. This was the easiest retool I have ever done. The equipment arrived on time and the service techs were total pros. Almost ZERO downtime. Highly recommended.

Rakesh P.

Customers Love Them

My husband bought these washers for our laundromat. They look great. Our customers love them 😍

Ellen C.

First Time Owner

As a first time owner, Laundrylux gave me such valuable advice and support. Can’t wait to open my next store!

Andrew N.

Very Easy Delivery & Install

Laundrylux was very easy to deal with. They helped with financing and delivery and install was very fast.

Arjun P.

Most Reliable

I have been using Wascomat machines for over 20 years in my laundromat. In my opinion, it’s the most reliable brand out there. When it was time to update my store I knew I wanted to choose Wascomat. Reliability is very important to me. I am very happy with the new equipment and I am saving every month on utilities!

Lynn D.